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American Indian Rings Size 9 To 9-7/8
Big Navajo Pilot Mtn Turquoise Silver Ring Everett Mary Teller sz9-1/4
Everett & Mary Teller Navajo Kingman Turquoise ShadowBox Ring sz9
Everett & Mary Teller, Navajo Silver Kingman Turquoise Ring sz9
Fancy Navajo Sterling Silver Ring sz9, Bryan Joe
Fancy Navajo Tufa Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring sz9
George Gasper Zuni Native American Turquoise Cluster Ring sz9-1/4
Gloria Begay Navajo 2-stone Wild Horse Sterling Silver Ring sz9
Huge Navajo Derrick Cadman Native American Turquoise Ring sz7-1/2
Jim Harrison Narrow Navajo Multistone Inlay Unisex Ring sz9
Jim Harrison Navajo Multigem Inlay Sunface Ring sz9
Justin Wilson Navajo Silver & Turquoise Cluster Sterling Silver Ring sz9
Large Navajo Multi Stone Father Sky Shooting Arrow Ring sz9
Madeline Beyuka Zuni Inlay Olla Maiden Ring - Pink - sz9
Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Twisted Rope Ring sz9-3/4, Tom Hawk
Native American Navajo Turquoise Coral Cluster Ring sz9, Sheila Tso
Native American Navajo Turquoise Silver Ring Robert Shakey sz9
Native American Number #8 Turquoise Ring by Navajo Verdy Jake sz8 to sz10-1/2
Navajo 4-Way Split Silver Ring sz9-1/2, Wilbert Benally
Navajo Native American Turquoise Cluster Silver Ring sz9, Gaynell Parker
Navajo Native American Turquoise Coral Cluster Silver Ring sz9-1/2
Navajo Native American Turquoise Ring sz9, LaRose Ganadonegro
Navajo Native American Turquoise Ring sz9, Lonnie Willie
Navajo Native American Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring sz9, Phillip Sanchez
Navajo Turquoise Coral Cluster Silver Ring sz9-1/2
Navajo ~ Ronnie Willie ~ Turquoise Silver Ring sz9
Zuni Indian Jewelry Turquoise Needlepoint Ring sz9 Cordelia & Lance Waatsa
Zuni Native American Carved Turquoise Coral Ring, Loyolita Othole, sz9-1/2
Zuni Shirley Lahi Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Petit Point Cluster Ring sz9-1/4