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Navajo Yei Kachina Starry Nite Ring sz9, Clayton Tom

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Navajo Yei Kachina Starry Nite Ring sz9, Clayton Tom


Native American hand made multi-gem micro inlay yei sterling silver ring, created by Navajo inlay artist, Clayton Tom. Ceremonial Yeibichai with starry night sky. Face of the ring is 7/8 by 9/16. Size 9. Item# 2404

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This contemporary Native American handcrafted Sterling Silver Multi-gem Micro-Inlaid ring was created by Navajo artist, Clayton Tom. Clayton Tom is considered by many to be one of the best Navajo inlay artist working today, along with David Tune, Jim Harrison, Ervin Tsosie and Sammy Smith (All of whose jewelry we carry on our website).

The ring features a multitude of semi-precious stones - lapis, turquoise, coral & Mother of Pearl. The scene is a colorful kachina against a starry night sky with inlaid silver stars. The colorful channel inlay is impeccable, just like every piece of Clayton Tom jewelry.

The Ye'ii (pronounced yay) Spirit, is a depiction of a spirit considered by the Navajo to be a go-between between man and the Creator. Yeiis control natural forces in and on the earth, such as day and night, rain, wind, sun, etc. A very special kind of ye'ii is the Yei'bi'chai, grandparent spirit or talking God who can speak with man, telling him how to live in harmony with all living things by following a few rules of behavior and using only the basic things he needs to survive.

The face of the ring measures 7/8 by 9/16. The solid silver inside of the ring ring curves slightly to fit comfortably against your finger. Weighs 19.3 grams. Size 11.

Brand new and in perfect condition. Purchase in person from the artist, Clayton Tom. Certificate of Authenticity and Gift box included with your purchase.

Clayton Tom is an award winning artist, jeweler, designer master craftsman. His amazing jewelry has consistently earned him top awards at major jewelry art shows and Indian markets and led to his recognition as one of the great masters of micro-inlay design and technique. His jewelry is always in big demand and frequently in short supply and hard to find. Don't miss out on this fine example of his work!