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The best way to determine your ring size is to get it measured at a jewelry store. However, if that is not possible, you can determine an approximate ring size by using the methods described here: How to determine your ring size

When searching for a particular ring size on our website, enter SZ followed by the size number in the search box. (Do not enter a space between SZ and the size number). For example, if you want a size 7 ring, enter SZ7 in the search box. That would return all rings in the size 7 range (7 thru 7-7/8).

Re-sizing rings: We do not re-size rings. But your local jeweler should be able to re-size your ring for a small fee. Certain Native American rings (inlay rings) should never be re-sized however. Attempting to re-size an inlay ring may cause the inlay to discolor, crack or pop out immediately or at a later date.