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Native American Artists Whose Jewelry We Carry: (updated 3/2021)

Here is a brief directory of the Native American Indian Artists, Silversmiths, Jewelers whose jewelry we carry and their Hallmarks. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. This list will help you identify and learn about some of the Native American Jewelry artists whose jewelry we sell here on our web site. A hallmark is put into the back of a piece of Native American Jewelry, Pottery, or other craft to identify the maker. To research Native American hallmarks in general, we recommend the following reference books: "Hallmarks of the Southwest" by Barton Wright, "Hopi Silver" by Margaret Wright, "Zuni: The Art & the People Vols. 1, 2,& 3" by Barbara Bell, "American Indian Jewelry I & II" by Gregory Shaaf, and "Native American & Southwestern Silver Hallmarks" by Billie Hougart.

Aaron Toadlena: Navajo. Hallmark: Handprint & Aaron Toadlena. Learned the art of silversmithing by watching his brother and other silversmiths at Gallup Indian Trading Company. He has always done his own style of silversmithing, working in the old traditional Navajo style.

Albert & Jackie Cleveland: Navajo. Hallmarks: AC or AJC. Born 1954, Albert does traditional silver-smithing in a 1940's curio style. Often uses thunderbirds, water birds and other animals of traditional Navajo folklore. He melts the silver scrap down and shapes it into flat plates by rolling the ingots down by hand.

Albert Jake: Navajo. Hallmark: A. Jake. Born 1959 in Zuni, NM. He started his silver smithing career in 1987.

Alex Sanchez: Navajo/Zuni. Hallmark: Alex Sanchez. Born in 1969. Younger brother of Myron Panteah. He is the winner of several awards. Known for his "petroglyph" jewelry.

Amy Quandelacy: Zuni. Hallmarks: Amy, D.&A. Q. Used to work with husband Dickie starting in early 1970s. The abstracted double hummingbird design for which Dickie and Amy have become known originated with his mother, Ellen Quandelacy. Amy now works on her own.

Andy Cadman: Navajo. Hallmark: A. Cadman. Born Gallup, New Mexico. He started doing silver work in 1989 when he was 23 years old. Andy is Sunshine & Gary Reeves half-brother and was taught silver-smithing by them. His father is Anderson Cadman and he is also related to silversmiths Darrell and Donovan Cadman. Works in Navajo revival style.

Archie & LaRose Ganadonegro: Navajo. Hallmarks: Ganado, L. Ganado, or La with a rose. Archie was born in Alamo, NM in 1954. He began working with silver in 1984. His wife LaRose was born in 1956 in Crown Point, NM and works along side her husband on jewelry.

Bea Johnson: Navajo. Hallmark: BEA with an arrow through the letters. Retired. Last worked as a shop silversmith for Desert Indian Traders in Gallup, NM.

Bennard & Francis Dallasvuyuoma: Hopi/Pima. Hallmarks: DD letters overlapping or Dallasvuyuoma. Their innovative jewelry is a dramatic blend of both ancient and contemporary traditions, techniques and materials. "We design each piece of jewelry to signify balance and harmony," says Bennard. They represent a recent generation of jewelers inspired by Charles Loloma, who was Bennard's uncle.

Bennie Ration: Navajo. Hallmark: BR or a Claw Symbol. Specializes in three dimensional figures.

Betty Joe: Navajo. Hallmark: B. Joe Former wife of Harry Morgan. Works in Navajo revival style.

Calvin Begay: Navajo. Hallmarks: Begay, C. Begay, Calvin Begay, or Calvin. Award winning Navajo artist, jeweler, designer and master craftsman. As his fame has spread, he has moved into an atelier system. He designs an item and turns the execution over to his apprentices and colleagues, under his supervision. (For those unfamiliar with it, the atelier system is what allows great artists like Calvin to turn out more work than their individual hands could ever accomplish.)

Cecil Ashley: Navajo. Hallmark: CA

Charlie Willie: Navajo. Hallmark: CW. From Gallup, NM. Known for his inlay work.

Christopher Nieto: Santo Domingo (Kewa). Hallmark: CTN and SDP. Contemporary Santo Domingo inlay and heishi bead work, hand made in the traditional way. Chris has won many awards.

Clayton Tom: Navajo. Hallmark: Clayton Tom. Micro-inlay.

Daniel Sunshine Reeves: Navajo. Hallmark: SUNSHINE REEVES. Born 1964 in Gallup, New Mexico. Sunshine has been doing silver work since the 1980s. Sunshine was taught to work silver by his brothers Gary and David Reeves. Works in Navajo revival style.

Darrell Cadman: Navajo. Hallmarks: D. Cadman or Rams head. Born 1969 in Gallup, NM. He started to doing silver work in 1992. He is Andy Cadmen’s brother and the Reeves's half brother. Works in Navajo revival style.

Darryl Becenti, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: D with an Arrow horizontally on top. Born in 1957 in Gallup, NM, Learned from his brothers-in-law, David and Leroy Reeves in 1980. Works in Navajo revival style.

David Tune: Creek/Navajo. Hallmark: Tune with a sun symbol. Producing for over 15 years and has won numerous awards. Colorful raised cobblestone inlays & tufa cast silver work.

Dean Brown, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: DB. Dean Brown was Kirk Smith's nephew and apprenticed under his famous uncle. Dean was successful in his own right, producing old style jewelry, similar to Kirk's. 

Delbert Gordon: Navajo. Hallmark: D Gordon. Born 1955 in Fort Defiance, AZ. Delbert is a self taught silversmith and goldsmith. He has been a teacher for many other silversmiths, including his nephew Derrick Gordon. Works in Navajo revival style.

Dennis & Nancy Edaakie: Zuni. Hallmarks: Dennis E., Dennis Nancy Edaakie. One of the most celebrated of all the Zuni artists. Best known for their inlaid bird and koshare clown jewelry. Dennis passed away in early 2008. Nancy now works alone or with her sons. She uses the hallmark: Nancy Edaakie

Derrick Gordon: Navajo. Hallmark: Derrick. Born 1971 in Gallup, NM. He was taught by his uncle Delbert T. Gordon to silversmith in 1990. Works in Navajo revival style.

Don C. Dewa: Zuni. Hallmark: Don C. Dewa Custom Jewelry. Don Dewa began making jewelry in 1970, and by the early 1990s he started to produce mosaic inlay, having learned it from his mother-in-law, Loretta Quam Eriacho. One of Don's most innovative and distinctive designs is his sunface "spinner" rings, pendants and bracelets.

Donavon Cadman: Navajo. Hallmark: Donavon Cadman in script. Born 1968 in Gallup, NM. He learned silver work beginning in 1991 by watching his brothers Andy, David, and Sunshine. Works in Navajo revival style.

Doris Smallcanyon Navajo. Hallmark: D. Smcyn in script with engraver or stamped (printed) sometimes on a raised plaque.

Earl Plummer: Navajo. Hallmark: Earl Plummer,script. Known for his superb inlay work. 2011 IACA Artist of the Year. From Thoreau, NM. He began making jewelry at age 14. Once worked with Calvin Begay.

Effie Calavaza, decd: Zuni. Hallmark: Effie C. Known for her snake design with nuggets. Began working in the mid-1950s. Learned from/worked with her husband, Juan Calavaza (dec). Effie has passed her design along to her daughters and they all work reating her famous snake designs.

Erick Begay: Navajo. Hallmark: Full name in script. Erick is a master silversmith and goldsmith with more than 20 years experience. He is also an award winning artist that has won many awards, including the Santa Fe Indian Market. His mother, Frances Begay, taught him the art of silver-smithing.

Erma Arviso: Navajo. Hallmark: EA. Born 1960 in Canoncito, New Mexico. Erma’s mother, Jolene Shorty, taught her to silversmith in 1989. She also creates "antiqued" sterling beads as a perfect accompaniment to pendants with large bales.

Ernest Roy Begay: Navajo. Hallmark: ERB (formed in an arc). Cluster work.

Ervin P. Tsosie: Navajo. Hallmark: Ervin P. Tsosie (older hallmark ET) Specializes in micro-inlay. One of the best. Brother to Erwin.

Erwin Tsosie: Navajo. Hallmark: E sterling T. Specializes in micro-inlay. Brother to Ervin.

Everett & Mary Teller: Navajo. Hallmark: EMT inside a Christian fish symbol. Known for their silver overlay work. Their son Travis now works with then and uses their hallmark.

Freddy Charley: Navajo. Hallmark: FC or F Charley.

Gary Reeves, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: Gary Reeves. Born 1962 in Gallup, NM. He started to do silver work in 1974. He passed away in 2014. He was the brother of David Reeves and half brother to Sunshine Reeves. He had won many awards.

Gene Natan: Navajo. Hallmark: N.

Gene & Martha Jackson: Navajo. Hallmarks: JACKSON inside a hogan or just Jackson. Martha and Gene Jackson are Navajo silversmiths from Arizona. They have been making beautiful handcrafted sterling silver jewelry since the 1980s. They are featured in many Native American jewelry books and have won many awards.  Martha is now deceased.

Geneva Apachito: Navajo. Hallmark: Geneva G.A. Geneva was born in 1969 in Soccoro, New Mexico. She was taught silver work by her mother Genevieve Apachito.

Gilbert Calavaza: Zuni. Hallmark: GMC Spectacular inlay jewelry.

Gilbert Tom: Navajo. Hallmark: Gilbert Tom. Makes large old pawn style pieces, bracelets, buckles, etc. Trained under the guidance of the legendary master silversmith Harry Morgan.

Greg Smith: Navajo. Hallmark: G/S. Specializes in micro-inlay.

Guy Hoskie: Navajo. Hallmark: GH. Guy is 54 years old and lives in Arizona. He learned to silver smith from his relatives, Sunshine Reeves and Andy Cadman. His stamp work is excellent, deep and very pleasing to the eye.

Harlan & Monica Coonsis: Zuni. Hallmark: H.M. Coonsis. Harlan has been producing since 1975. When working with first wife Rolanda, used HRC or H.R. Coonsis Zuni hallmark.

Harrison Bitsue: Navajo. Hallmark: H Bit's. Old pawn style jewelry.

Harry H. Begay: Navajo. Hallmark: HHB over a left-pointing arrow. True old style ingot silver silversmith.

Harry Morgan, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: H. Morgan. Harry Morgan was a widely renowned and well respected Navajo silversmith and recognized as one of the outstanding Native American jewelers. He was one of a handful of Gallup, New Mexico Navajo artists responsible for the revival of the old, traditional Navajo jewelry style and development of an old pawn finish - which is somewhat like the Hopi brush or satin finish only darker.

Herbert & Esther Cellicion : Hallmark: HE CELLICION. From Zuni, New Mexico and are known for their Knifewing, Rainbow Man and Butterfly pieces. Esther is deceased.

James & Doris Coriz: Santo Domingo (Kewa). Hallmark: JDC. Traditional Santo Domingo jewelry. Hand cut, turned & polished heishi.

Jim Harrison: Navajo. Hallmark: Full name in script. Jimmy is known for his intricate inlay jewelry, which often depicts the night sky, yei and Yeibechai figures and desert landscapes. Mentored by Preston and Jesse Monongye.

Jonathan Beyuka Zuni. Hallmark: J.Beyuka. Jonathan Beyuka is the son of Zuni silversmiths, Madeline and the late Eddie Beyuka. Known for his carved inlay kachina dancers.

Joseph D. Coriz: Santo Domingo. Hallmark: JDC. Born 1958. Very distinctive silver & gold overlay storyteller work. Influenced by his parents & Vidal Aragon.

Joyce Waseta: Zuni. Hallmark: J. Waseta in script. Joyce is the daughter of Theresa Waseta, deceased. Joyce learned her craft from her mother and has been creating her own version of the Zuni Indian maiden for many years.

Kirk Smith, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: Kirk Smith, in script. Kirk Smith was a widely renowned and well respected Navajo silversmith. Kirk Smith's work is considered collector and investment quality.

L. Bruce Hodgins, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: LBH in script. Bruce works with exotic stones in his jewelry. Born 1959 in Flagstaff, AZ to a full-blooded Navajo mother and an Anglo father.

Larry Moses Begay: Navajo. Hallmark: LMB. Known for his large cluster work.

Madeline Beyuka: Zuni. Hallmark: MB. Working since the 1950's. Once married to the late Zuni silversmith, Eddie A. Beyuka, and did the lapidary work for him. After their divorce, she continued on her own. Her favorite designs are the olla maiden and the eagle dancer.

Mary L. Tafoya: Santo Domingo. Hallmark: Variations of her name plus a butterfly with an engraver. Contemporary inlay.

Merle House: Navajo. Hallmark: MH. Merle House Jr. learned silversmithing and stone inlay work from his father-in-law, Navajo silversmith Ervin P. Tsosie.  

Nelson Morgan: Navajo. Hallmark: NM & a little symbol. One of the most well-known kachina character jewelry artists in the southwest.

Nick Nez: Navajo, Hallmark: NN overlapping. Contemporary Navajo jewelry.

Orville Tsinnie, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: Orville Tsinnie & stamp of Shiprock. Self-taught Master Silversmith who has been active since 1970 and has won numerous awards, including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA). A steady presence in the world of American Indian art for over twenty-five years, Orville Tsinnie's work is distinctive and stylish and the level of craftsmanship in Orville's work is superior.

Pearl Ukestine: Zuni. Hallmark: Pc or JP Ukestine for Jason & Pearl Ukestine.

Peter & Vivian Haloo: Zuni. Hallmark: P&V Haloo. Producing since 1965. Vivian has passed away. Peter now works on his own, using the hallmark Peter III Haloo, with an engraver. They specialized in "snake eye" settings using his grandparents" designs.

Philander Begay: Navajo. Hallmark: PBB. Philander Begay is known for his true tufa casting.

Rick & Glendora Booqua: Zuni. Hallmark: RGB. Nice channel inlay jewelry.

Robert & Bernice Leekya: Zuni. Hallmark: RLB. Robert Leekya is the son of famous fetish carver Leekya Deyuse. Robert is now deceased.

Ronnie Willie: Navajo. Hallmark: Ronnie Willie, in script, with an arrowhead between names. The Willie family members are well-known for their fine hand-made sterling silver jewelry. The family includes Ronnie, Lonnie, Rudy (and wife Happy Piasso) and Cooper, all of whose jewelry we carry on our website.

Rosita & Anselm Wallace: Zuni. Hallmarks: RAW, R. Wallace, A Rosita Wallace. They began producing jewelry in 1955, specializing in mosaic and channel inlay. Anselm is well-known for his desert flower design. Rosita is known for her butterflies. Their work is featured in all the Zuni Jewelry reference books.

Ruddell & Nancy Laconsello Zuni. Hallmark: RN Laconsello, in script. Nancy and Ruddell Laconsello have been making jewelry together since they were married in 1976. She does the inlay, and he does the silverwork and etching on their collaborative pieces. Nancy's sister is Dolly Banteah.

Rudy & Mary Coriz: Santo Domingo. Hallmark: a feather. Husband & wife team whose jewelry features a wide variety of stones arranged in interesting designs and color patterns. Known for their colorful inlaid feather jewelry.

Ruth Ann Begay: Navajo. Hallmark: RB. Ruth Ann Begay learned how to silversmith by watching her mother and her sister. Ruth began silversmithing professionally after high school and is now well-know for the quality of her work.

Sammy & Esther Guardian: Zuni. Hallmarks: S&E Guardian. E&S Guardian One of the best Zuni husband and wife teams working today, especially well-known for their inlaid birds and other animals.

Sammy Smith: Navajo. Hallmark: S/S. Specializes in micro-inlay. One of the best in Gallup.

Selina Warner: Navajo. Hallmark: SW. Learned silversmithing from master jeweler, Harry Morgan. She specializes in Navajo Revival style jewelry.

Steven Haloo: Zuni. Hallmark: S. Haloo. Specializes in "snake eye" settings using his parents" designs.

Tommy Jackson: Navajo. Hallmarks: TJ or Christian Fish symbol with Tommy Jackson or Jackson inside of it. Tommy Jackson is from Ganado, Arizona. Son of Martha & Gene Jackson, great silversmiths in their own right.

Tommy Singer, decd: Navajo. Hallmarks: Tc, T. Singer, Thomas Singer. Known for his silver overlay work.

Verdell & Esther Niiha: Zuni. Hallmark: NIIHA

Verdy Jake: Navajo. Hallmarks: Verdy J. or V. Jake. Learned from her older brother. Contemporary cluster work.

Virgil Begay, decd: Navajo. Hallmark: VB. Virgil Begay had been creating traditional Navajo jewelry for 25 years. He came from a family of well known silversmiths.