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Navajo Native American Ribbon Boulder Turquoise Earrings

Image 0 of Navajo Native American Ribbon Boulder Turquoise Earrings

Navajo Native American Ribbon Boulder Turquoise Earrings


Native American hand made sterling silver earrings. Ribbon turquoise / boulder turquoise. Created by Navajo, Charlie Bowie. Item#4204

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Up for your consideration are these gorgeous Native American ~ Navajo ~ handcrafted silver and ribbon turquoise earrings. One look tells you why the stones are called ribbon turquoise. An irregularly shaped 'ribbon" of of intense medium blue turquoise runs across the light caramel brown colored host rock. This type turquoise is also called boulder turquoise.

The earrings features teardrop shaped turquoise stones set in serrated bezels and carved settings. The earrings are about 3/4 wide by 1 long, not counting the french hooks.

Brand new and in perfect condition. Gift box and Certificate of Authenticity included with your purchase. Hallmarked by the artist, Charlie Bowie.

Ribbon turquoise, or boulder turquoise as it is sometimes called, occurs when a stone cutter takes natural Vein Turquoise (turquoise in its natural host rock) and cuts in the direction to create the vein going through the rock like a ribbon or splotches of turquoise in the host rock. In the olden days, if a turquoise vein was too thin or spotty, the miners would throw it away. Nowadays, Ribbon Turquoise is very popular in Native American jewelry.