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Tumbleweeds Jewelry offers a variety of quality genuine Contemporary, Dead Pawn and Vintage Navajo, Zuni, Hopi & Santo Domingo Native American Indian jewelry in all price ranges. Browse our selection of over 1100 authentic Native American handmade Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Squash Blossoms, Pendants, Concho Belts, Buckles, Bolos & other jewelry items.

All the jewelry we carry is created by Native American Indians using genuine sterling silver, turquoise, coral, lapis, spiny oyster, agate, onyx and other semi-precious stones & shells. This jewelry is not factory made; it is individually handmade by American Indian silversmiths and craftsmen here in the U.S.A. We do not sell copies or knock-offs from foreign countries. A Certificate of Authenticity stating the artist's name & tribal affiliation will accompany each piece of new jewelry.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We are a member in good standing of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA). This insures the authenticity of the jewelry we sell and protects your investment. Free Gift Boxes with every order and Free Shipping on all orders shipped within the USA. No minimum purchase!



Navajo Ingot Silver Ring sz10-1/2 by Harry Begay

$ 469.99    

Navajo Orville Tsinnie Kingman Web Turquoise Silver Wrap Bracelet, Large

$ 650.00    

* Sunshine Reeves * Navajo Native American Silver Canteen

$ 1295.00    

A++ Morenci Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, Navajo Etta Endito

$ 875.00    

Aaron Toadlena~Native American ~ Number 8 Turquoise Silver Ring sz12-1/2

$ 229.99    

Anasazi Pot Shard Pendant, Randy Endito

$ 375.00    

Arvina Pinto ~ Zuni Pettipoint Cluster Turquoise Bracelet

$ 299.99    

Big Navajo Old Pawn Style Turquoise Silver Pendant

$ 145.00    

Crow Springs Turquoise Navajo Silver Ring sz9, John Nelson

$ 124.99    

Don Dewa Zuni Inlay Spinner Sunface Necklace Earrings Set

$ 1850.00    

Ella Gia ~ Zuni ~ Inlaid Hummingbird Silver Bracelet

$ 145.00    

Erwin Tsosie Navajo Micro Inlaid Silver Earrings

$ 395.00    

Everett Mary Teller 9 Strand Turquoise Bead & Silver Overlay Butterfly Necklace

$ 1375.00    

Fred & Lolita Natachu Zuni Rainbow Man Yei Inlay Silver Bracelet

$ 375.00    

Fritzon Toledo ~ Navajo ~ Kingman Turquoise Silver Overlay Earrings

$ 199.99    

Gene & Martha Jackson, Navajo, Turquoise Silver Cuff Bracelet

$ 300.00    

Kevin Ramone Old Style Navajo Spiney Oyster Cross Earrings

$ 165.00    

Lorraine Waatsa, Zuni, Turquoise Cluster Ring sz7-1/2

$ 340.00    

Nancy Edaakie ~ Zuni ~ Inlaid Cardinal Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 489.99    

Native American Navajo Dragonfly Pendant, Martha Willeto

$ 225.00    

Native American Navajo Sunshine Reeves Turquoise & Silver Buckle

$ 475.00    

Navajo Calvin Begay Starry Night Inlay Necklace Earrings Set

$ 999.99    

Navajo King Manassa Turquoise Ring sz9-1/2

$ 119.95    

Navajo Kirk Smith Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet - Large

$ 495.00    

Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Silver Bracelet, Reed Charley

$ 165.00    

Navajo Variscite Snakeskin Sponge Coral Dangle Earrings

$ 129.99    

Navajo ~ Alex Sanchez ~ Turquoise Sterling Silver Petroglyph Grandma Pendant

$ 325.00    

Navajo ~ L. Bruce Hodgins ~ Tiffany Stone Silver Ring sz8-1/2

$ 199.99    

Old Pawn Native American Inlay Eagle Bolo

$ 195.00    

Old Pawn Navajo Turquoise Silver Squash Blossom Necklace

$ 1495.00    

Old Pawn Style Navajo Delbert Gordon Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet

$ 595.00    

Orville Tsinnie ~ Navajo ~ Kingman Web Turquoise Ring sz11-1/4

$ 399.99    

Quality Orville Tsinnie Navajo 8'' Sterling Silver Link Charm Bracelet

$ 525.00    

Rick Booqua Zuni Jewelry Turquoise Inlay Sterling Silver Bracelet

$ 295.00    

Rick Martinez Navajo Turquoise Silver Ring Sz8-1/2

$ 179.99    

Royston Turquoise Cluster Silver Bracelet ~ Albert Jake ~ Navajo

$ 599.99    

Santo Domingo Kewa Turquoise Ceremonial Necklace - Lupe Pena & Nestoria Coriz

$ 1299.99    

Sunshine Reeves Navajo Native American Turquoise Silver Concho Belt

$ 3350.00    

Turquoise Frog Fetish Earrings ~ Zuni ~ Georgette Quam & Reynold Lunasee

$ 54.00    

Vintage Native American Zuni Inlay Bolo

$ 575.00    

Vintage Native American Zuni Turquoise Inlay Bracelet

$ 175.00    

Vintage Navajo Native American Turquoise Silver Squash Blossom Necklace

$ 950.00    

Virginia Quam Zuni Turquoise Multistone Silver Bracelet

$ 320.00    

Wide Darryl Becenti Navajo Repousse Stamped Silver Bracelet

$ 399.99    

Zuni Inlaid Cardinal Bird Silver Pendant, Sanford Edaakie

$ 59.95    

Zuni Jewelry Inlay Cardinal Silver Bracelet, Ruddell & Nancy Laconsello

$ 495.00    

Zuni Turquoise 10row 50stone Snake Eye Ring, PETER & VIVIAN HALOO sz7, sz8, sz9

$ 119.99    

Zuni ~ Charlotte Dishta ~ Rug Pattern Inlay Ring sz10, Sz11

$ 125.00